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RESEARCH CASE STUDY A MOBILE CYBERSECURITY COMPANY US, UK, FRANCE AND GERMANY CHALLENGE Prior to launching a new product, our client needed to understand the current market’s positioning and awareness of mobile phone theft. Our goal was to support a new product launch by providing market insights to inform messaging, support PR, marketing activity, and […]

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MOBILE CASE STUDY AMERICAN MULTINATIONAL SOFTWARE, CONSUMER ELECTRONICS AND PERSONAL COMPUTERS CORPORATION CHALLENGE With video content on the rise, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, it can be difficult to gain attention of your target audience. IDG.TV is your solution to retaining the integrity of your brand and attracting key, tech […]

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MOBILE CASE STUDY BRITISH MULTINATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY US, NETHERLANDS, SINGAPORE, UK AND AUSTRALIA CHALLENGE Banner blindness is an increasing problem as users become accustomed to traditional display ads. However there is opportunity to create engaging NEW display ads that stand out and allow our clients to capture their audiences attention ahead of their competition. IDG […]

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EVENT CASE STUDY MULTINATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY EMEA CHALLENGE The event world can be greatly amplified by leveraging the power of social media. By leveraging relationships offline, you can extend your event to a broader audience. Our client tasked us with facilitating dialogue between IT leaders and LOBs through social media and live events. SOLUTION […]

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EVENT CASE STUDY PRIVATELY OWNED MULTINATIONAL COMPUTER TECH COMPANY EMEA CHALLENGE Despite our increasing digital world, sometimes the best way to engage is face-to-face. Our client challenged us with creating a platform for face-to-face interaction and relationship building with CIO peers, with the goal to foster conversations that lead to long-term business. SOLUTION Through face-to-face […]

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SOCIAL MEDIA CASE STUDY MULTINATIONAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION EMEA CHALLENGE With so many social media platforms to choose from, knowing which one will generate results, or even figuring out how you can use them to achieve your objectives can be difficult to figure out. IDG was tasked with leveraging social media to reach of 3rd […]

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SOCIAL MEDIA CASE STUDY LEADING GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY AND CONSULTING CORPORATION SPAIN CHALLENGE Increasing registration is a top challenge for every event marketing team. Our client was down to the week prior to their event and they were in desperate need to increase registration to their event in Spain. IDG was challenged to increase registration by […]

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SOCIAL/AMPLIFY CASE STUDIES: LEADING GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY AND CONSULTING CORPORATION GERMANY CHALLENGE There is a lot of noise online these days, and cutting through the chatter can be challenging, but that’s what IDG was tasked with. We needed to create a digital platform to encourage engagement with our client’s audiences and their own subject matter experts, […]

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RESEARCH CASE STUDY LEADING CLOUD COMPUTING, BIG DATA AND TRUSTED ITAAS COMPANY AND A CLOUD AND VIRTUALIZATION SOFTWARE COMPANY. AMERICAS, APJ AND EMEA CHALLENGE Our client needed to understand ITAAS from the unique perspectives of business and IT stakeholders. We needed to convey a unique, thought leader perspective gained through direct feedback from c-level and senior […]