IDG Mobile Survey 2012

This is the third consecutive year IDG Global Solutions has conducted a survey that takes an extensive snapshot of the IT mindset about mobile devices.

Conducted from March through May 2012, the survey polled visitors to 124 IDG Web sites that focus on consumer or business uses of technology. Most respondents live in Western European countries, but a substantial number of responses were received from all of the populated geographical regions—including Asia/Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and North America.

This multinational aspect, along with the huge number of respondents, significantly differentiates the IGS results from other research. Combined with previous years’ results, the 2012 survey not only gives vendors insights into the mindset of IT, business, and consumer respondents but also describes how those insights affect an industry known for its quickly shifting product innovation and developments.

Here are the highlights of a survey of both professional and personal users:

  • 77 percent have a smartphone for business and/or personal use.
  • IT is ranked as the number one decision-maker for devices and network carriers, ahead of senior executives and the finance department.
  • 35 percent use Apple’s iOS software.
  • 61 percent have viewed video on a smartphone, while 31 percent do so regularly.
  • 57 percent access technology-related content via a mobile device after business hours.
  • More than 50 percent have replaced their clocks, personal organizers, and portable music players with a mobile device.
  • 50 percent own or use a tablet and half use it for work.


IDG Global Mobile Survey Breakfast Seminar 2012

On Thursday 21st June 2012, at the Haymarket Hotel London to an audience of agency and vendor directors, the third IDG Global Mobile Survey Breakfast Seminar was launched. Matthew Yorke, President IDG Global Solutions, conducted the keynote presentation.


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