Lead Generation

With marketing budgets under increasing pressure to deliver ROI all expenditure has to work hard and produce demonstrable returns in the form of prospects – leads which, with appropriate follow-up and nurturing, can be successfully converted into opportunities and sales.

What constitutes a lead will vary depending on the aims of the advertiser, the target audience and qualification criteria. The methods used to generate prospects or leads will also vary depending on the lead criteria the advertiser specifies. To cater for these differing advertiser requirements IDG can offer a market leading portfolio of Demand Generation Services as follows:

Content Syndication Programs:

Content Syndication Programs have been the main stay of technology lead generation for the past 7 years. IDG's early entry into this market has enabled us to become a global leader within this marketplace.

With a global database of over 35 million decision makers IDG provides targeted multi-country content syndication programs to develop engaged leads from advertiser content assets. By hosting vendor content within both the local in country content libraries managed by IDG's local media brands as well as by leveraging IDG's global centralised lead generation centre of excellence - IDG Connect - IDG can supply laser targeted leads across any country in the world and to fit any target audience requirement. With the ability to fully segment our data by Job Title, Job Function, Company Size, Industry Sector & Country

HTML Email & TM Based Programs:
With sales departments putting marketing under increasing pressure to deliver either larger volumes of prospects or sales ready leads Content Syndication Programs cannot cater for every lead requirement.

IDG has market leading processes around delivering HTML Email and telemarketing based leads to fulfil both these needs. By using telemarketing to cut through the email clutter IDG draws direct attention to vendor content. By engaging in a content based conversation with IT and Business Decision Makers and at the same time qualifying the prospect against any specific custom program criteria IDG can deliver Sales Ready (BANT) Leads across any territory worldwide.

IDG Lead Nurturing:
With client's investing more on demand generation efforts it's crucial to get the most from every prospect. Not every lead will be ready to engage in a sales conversation and prospects must be nurtured, qualified, scored and ranked to keep the sales funnel flowing. With this in mind IDG have developed the most sophisticated nurture solutions available in the market today.

IDG's lead nurture solutions are designed to provide client's with a flexible nurture solution. This covers more tactical short term lead nurture projects through to longer term high engagement based programs. These bespoke nurture programs can be designed to specifically accommodate differing client requirements around lead engagement levels, behaviour & qualification criteria routing leads into the sales funnel at the most appropriate time for sales follow up.



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