Social Media

Social Media offers a revolutionary platform for traditional marketing strategies that encourage real-time, one-to-one conversations with your target audiences.  This new approach features a dialogue with your clients and prospects fueled by content and interactivity that users find relevant and engaging as they move through the buying process from consideration to purchase.

As is the case with most traditional marketing campaigns, up-front planning increases chances for success in a social program.  IDG can analyse the trends and themes of products and IT Issues in the social Web and devise a program to help marketers join or initiate conversations important to their prospects.



IDG Social Media Services

IDG Global Solutions has a proven track record of well-performing and demand generating Social Media campaigns and client strategies in the IT and tech media industry. The international division of IDG uses the latest Social Media technology and innovations for European or Global marketing campaigns. We create, aggregate and curate our clients' Social Media content and activities, and implement it in IDG owned local or regional properties.

IDG Global Solutions puts an emphasis on connecting Social Media campaigns and the social business efforts of its clients with other segments of the IDG marketing service product portfolio - print, online, market research or face-to-face. This integrated campaign management drives brand awareness for social properties, engages with the audience and leverages best possible brand awareness with the aim to grow our clients' social communities and social value proposition.

In many conversations with our clients, the question comes up: "Why is IDG the right partner for our Social Media efforts?" Well, there are 4 "arguments" for IDG...

Relevance - Content is king!

No matter if it is Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, or any other form of community, IDG Global Solution knows how to communicate with the IT and tech markets. IDG can identify target audiences, key influencers or communities of interest by their long-term "Publishing DNA". Good Social Media strategists know the importance of content in the right context, creating proper relevance that attracts new users and influences purchase decisions. Any doubt, IDG can help improving your content strategy?

Reach - Increase brand awareness!

The communities are set up on Facebook, Twitter or even a blog. Now what? IDG has a wide variety of target-groups which offer best possible targeting and campaign opportunities. IDG clients can profit from the IDG Amplify social banner portfolio which implements Twitter streams, promotes or leverages YouTube videos, or highlights your branded communities... in one banner - among many other opportunities. IDG Amplify will personalize and localize a branded or product launch banner, and then reach out to the desired target-group with real-time content on trusted IDG media brands like CIO, Computerworld or PCWorld.


Resources - Find people and time!

It is all about the network, not only on the Social Networks. An international study states that most companies don't have the qualified resources or lack the time necessary to run continuous Social Media communities and streams. IDG has a huge international network of qualified editors and freelancers that know how to engage in the bloggosphere, how to distribute content and embrace the sentiment that IT and tech buyers like. We know how to use them for your campaign!

Readiness - The right community!

Often companies and brand managers want to get a better feeling which community to choose for their Social Media campaign. Having seen many campaigns coming and going on different social channels, IDG Global Solutions has a lot of market insights and expertise in where to start engaging with audiences - in B2B and B2C. Knowing how to listen properly and increase community involvement by finding the right tactics and ideas is essential to be successful in community management. Trust those that have done community management before Social Media was there!


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